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DeadBolt «Hercular»

Hercular Mul-T-Lock Dead-Bolt Mortise Lock is a high security lock designed for installation in steel and wooden doors in residential and commercial buildings. The lock is protected from professional hacker methods, simple and straightforward. The richness of the choice of exterior decoration of the castle, colors: gold, brown, polished chrome, matte chrome, satin nickel, antique copper allows you to choose the lock for almost any door appliance and design. Thickness is 38 - 100 mm, variable distance from the end of the door to the cylinder (position 60.3 mm and 69.8 mm). The lock is made both in the form of a "key" (on both sides it is controlled by a button), as well as a "key-turn". You can use MT5 +, Classic, Interactive and Traffic Light cylinders in the lock cylinder. The lock is easy to install, it is durable and reliable. These features have made the Mul-T-Lock Bolt Hercular Lock very popular in the world’s most reliable locks market.

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